Live Edge Woodwork & Cutting Boards 

Environmentally friendly finishing products


We offer water base and natural oil finishes.  Natural oil finishes offer you a high quality and incredibly durable finish, and also is easy to maintain.  We source our material from farmers barns, lake bottoms, old homes, and downed trees.  Rediscovered wood is attractive for its trendy, old aged look and we like the idea of using whats already here instead of cutting down more trees.  Each piece of reclaimed wood has a story behind it. We enjoy building furniture and cabinetry with reclaimed wood that's been around for hundreds of years.  

Wood types
Reclaiming wood
Rustic barn beams reclaim
Live edge wood
Live edge kitchen table
Walnut live edge bar top
Walnut maple & african mahogany
Walnut live edge kitchen island top
Live edge wormy maple kitchen island top
Cutting boards
Cutting boards