The finest quality cabinetry starts with the finest quality material and workmanship.           WE ARE NOT COMPARABLE TO ANY OTHER KITCHEN CABINET SHOPS 

We construct only the best CUSTOM CABINETS & WOODWORK of any 

shape or size and keeping within your budget

Here at Cedar Lane Custom Kitchens we only use the highest quality material, exceeding industry standards. For example we only use 3/4 inch or thicker plywoods. Our plywood sheets are custom made for all of our cabinet builds. That makes for a strong cabinet construction and will last forever. Unlike other shops that only use the cheapest 5/8 inch material. 

We use only high standard soft-close hardware for all our builds

 We select only the best rough cut lumber available from our mill. Where it has been carefully kiln dried. We then take the time to machine the lumber to be used in all our projects. 

In addition to manufacturing our own cabinet boxes we also manufacture our own flat and raised panel cabinet doors, custom range hood cabinets, wood corbels, light valances, turned legs and crown moulding.

Custom Cabinet Door Construction
There are many wood types we use in our builds. Depending on our clients needs and applications. Our custom cabinet door cunstruction consists of a solid maple 5 panel system or a solid wooden panel. We do not make MDF cabinet doors here because they do not last.

Rustic solid maple custom bath design
Every painted or stained cabinet doors undergoes our special 14 step finishing process to ensure beauty and durability.
This picture showes our 5 panel solid maple cabinet paint grade door cunstruction
 Custom solid maple 5 panel kitchen design
Solid maple cabinet door designs
endless cabinet grade paints, stains
and colour options
Custom Dovetail Cabinet Drawers

Here we only build one type of drawer box. A solid maple dovetail drawer with a 1/2'' plywood bottom. We build our dovetail drawers the proper way to stand the test of time and they add a high end style and class of there own

  All our projects are built in shop with no out-sourcing from start to finish and all Canadian made.  Our mission is to build the best custom cabinetry of any size, shape, detail or configuration. These    are just some reasons why we can offer you are exclusive 100% lifetime guarantee that no one                                                                     can beat!
 Custom Cabinet Box Construction
Custom solid 5 panel plywood cabinet box construction 
 Once again we exceed past the highest standareds in our cabinet box design

  We build our cabinet boxes using 3/4 inch or thicker plywoods 

Construction consists of a solid 3/4 inch five panel custom box design with 
  interlocking joinery

This allows for maximum structure support
for all our upper and lower cabinets 
that will stand the test of time