Cedar Lane Custom Kitchens



We have been designing and building true custom cabinetry for over 15 years.

The standard materials in manufacturing cabinets use 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch Particle board and MDF sheets in constructing cabinet boxes. These materials used and how poorly there are put together didn't meet our standards.  We decided a long time ago to change the way we construct our cabinet boxes and the material used to ensure quality, durability, longevity

Our focus is to build true affordable custom cabinetry using premium grade 3/4'' plywood, hardware and hand pick the best hardwood lumber available with your budget in mind!

  1. Our cabinet boxes ARE NOT  put together with  staples, dowel - cams or butt joints as most all cabinet shops and big box store cabinets have.
  2. We also DO NOT use edge banding that will come unglued in a short time.
  3. We DO NOT use sheet material that are measured in millimeters which in most cases are a good indication of imported materials not made in Canada. 
  4. WE DO NOT USE MDF or Particle board laminate panel sheets or other poorly made materials to build our cabinet boxes. These materials have moisture problems, can not support heavy loads, susceptibility to damage, not water resistance, will fall apart, and it's incompatibility with drilling. So, it can not be screwed together very well.

Here at Cedar Lane Custom Kitchens, we build our cabinets using our special interlocking  joinery method that allows for maximum structural support. 

Our cabinets will never fall apart!

These are only some reason why we have a 100% lifetime warranty on everything we make and all the hardware we use!

Which is unheard of in the cabinet making trade!

We only use 3/4 inch premium grade plywood made in Canada for all our upper and lower cabinet boxes. Which consist of a true 5 panel box construction for all sides, back, top and bottom of our cabinets. We also have other plywood options as in walnut, cherry, hickory, mahogany and many others available.

We use 2x4 and solid wood structural supports on our kitchen island cabinets or wherever needed allowing a strong stable foundation. All our rough cut wood is machined here in the shop and all proudly sourced in Canada.

We also import exotic hard and softwood species from around the world delivering endless wood options for all your cabinet and fine furniture projects. We hand select pieces with distinctive wood grains and unique characteristics include colour, lustre and texture. 

We manufacture all our own woodworking products including crown moulding, cabinet doors to our beautiful wooden dovetail drawers and so more...  We are big on structural support as you can see from some of our pics. Without a proper structured cabinet everything starts to fall apart.

 Our cabinets don't sag under weight or pressure or through lack of strength.

Our kitchens and cabinet accessories are all pre-assembled in shop ensuring everything fits to you specifications before it's installed in your home. We don't rush through the installation of your cabinets, that leads to unwanted problems. We take our time with your installation to make sure everything is done to our satisfaction your approval.

We are a small true custom cabinet manufacturer and very proud of it! 

We build true custom kitchen cabinetry ensuring,
  Quality, Longevity, Durability and reasonable pricing
With our Lifetime Guarantee!